Moving Guide

Moving into a CUSI residence? Considering it?
(You probably should.)

This short guide will let you know to let you know the timeline and process of switching over your phone service.

In Canada, your phone number belongs to you.
When you change services it can come along with you.
The process is called "number porting".

30 days from move date.

Send us notice that you are moving.
We'll send you a letter of authorization to sign and return, and ask that you attach a current phone bill.
(It should have the phone number and service address on it.)

After that, we take care of everything.
The process can take about 4 weeks to complete. In the meantime we'll help you enable call forwarding from your phone to a temporary number and "mask" that number with your caller ID.

When the port is finished, you will switch call forwarding off to finish the transfer.